Piercings are done by a highly trained professional using a single-use, laser-cut piercing needle. All jewelry used is fully sterilized at the time of your appointment.

Depending on location of piercing, the fee starts at $40 plus the cost of jewelry. Call or email us if you have a question on a specific piece of jewelry or type of piercing and we’ll be happy to assist.

You must be 18 years old with a physical state or federal ID on your person at the time of your appointment to get pierced at New York Adorned, no exceptions. You may not be pierced if you are pregnant or nursing. There is a maximum of 3 piercings per person in one sitting. We recommend not having more than 3 healing piercings at one time, as it puts additional stress on the body and can prolong the healing process.  

Piercing Healing Times

BRIDGE: 3–4 months

EAR LOBE: 3-4 months

EAR CARTILAGE: 6–9 months

EYEBROW: 3–4 months

LIP: 3–4 months

NOSTRIL: 6–9 months

NIPPLE: 8-12 months

NAVEL: 6–9 months

SEPTUM: 2–3 months

TONGUE: 2-4 months


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