Eyebrow piercings are a popular face piercing that is constantly popping in and out of fashion but remains a timeless classic to this day. This piercing can be worn during any occasion, thanks to the various jewelry designs and metals available on the body modification market. Both men and women can enjoy this beautiful piercing and there are various places along your eyebrow that can be pierced, the most popular being on or near the arch. Every person has their own unique preferences but adhering to aftercare instructions is a sure-fire way to ensure optimal healing results!  

The Process 

An eyebrow piercing is considered a “flat surface” piercing so may have some complications if you are not careful. There is a significantly higher risk of rejection and displacement, as the jewelry tends to move throughout your day. 

Eyebrow piercings are no more painful than any other flesh or surface piercing. Once you have picked out your jewelry and are ready for the procedure to take place, your piercer will mark an area on your brow with a marker. They will then ask for your approval of the future piercing site location and, once given consent, they will clamp the skin with a tool and pierce your brow. You will undoubtedly feel a small pinch and some pressure as the piercing needle pushes through your skin. However, this is just a moment of discomfort and is well worth the beautiful piercing you will get to flaunt afterwards! 

Swelling and redness are perfectly normal signs of healing. Some bruising can also occur although are not commonplace. If any of these symptoms arise, don’t panic! Simply apply a cold press to the inflamed area, avoid ingesting blood thinners such as Advil and get plenty of rest. This will expedite the healing process tenfold! 

The Aftercare Rules

An eyebrow piercing typically takes 3-4 months to heal fully. Since everyone is inherently different, the process may take even longer. It is vital to message your piercer to get permission before changing out your jewelry. In the meantime, saline solutions or salt soaks multiple times a day is the best practice when helping the site heal.

Since the eyebrow is a delicate and sensitive area, it is vital that you refrain from moving or twisting the jewelry. This will cause trauma to the site and can result in unnecessary scarring or even rejection, forcing you to remove the jewelry and allow the piercing hole to heal over. 

Always make sure that your hands have been thoroughly washed and disinfected before even attempting to clean the piercing. Dirty hands can lead to a serious infection, which is the last thing you want on your face! 

It would also be in your best interest to stay away from makeup during the healing process, as this can lead to unpleasant circumstances. Waxing the area is (obviously) off limits. 

Overall, eyebrow piercings are a great way to show off your individuality and express your own unique style!

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