A conch piercing is a beautiful piercing that looks quite delicate and has a great aesthetic thanks to the placement and the kind of jewelry you can choose from. It’s a simple piercing that suits all styles and it’s super versatile. It can look subtle or be a statement piece; it’s all up to you. So, if you’re looking for an interesting addition to your ear, this could be the perfect option. 

What Is a Conch Piercing?

A conch piercing is placed right in the center part of the ear. Thanks to its location, it’s a super customizable ear piercing. You’ll have the option of an inner and outer conch piercing and your choice will depend on the shape of your ear. For the inner conch piercing, a hole is made right in the middle of the ear so you can wear a stud. With the outer conch piercing, you’ll be able to wear a ring that goes around the outer edge of the cartilage. 

Conch Piercing Healing Time, Pain, and Aftermath

This type of piercing will take 3 to 9 months to heal, depending on your health and how well you do the aftercare. Because this is a cartilage piercing, it takes longer to heal than other types of piercing. 

When you’re considering getting a piercing, it’s important to know how much it hurts so you can be mentally ready. I’m sorry to say cartilage piercings will always be a bit more painful than other kinds of piercings. Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so it will vary from person to person. But you should expect some pain. 

As with any other kind of cartilage piercing, a conch piercing will cause swelling and there’s also the risk of inflammation. Cartilage piercings take longer to heal, they’re more painful, and the area is a bit more delicate so it will require proper aftercare. The piercing must be cleaning at least twice a day with a sterile saline solution and you shouldn’t touch it or fiddle with it until it’s completely healed. 

You also need to be careful because the piercing can get tangled in your hear, clothes, etc. It’s important you avoid sleeping on your side or wearing headphones until the piercing is fully healed. Putting pressure on the piercing will delay healing and it could irritate the area.

Jewelry for Conch Piercing

The best jewelry for a conch piercing would be conch studs, which come in many different styles and sizes. Straight, circular and curved barbells are also a great option and they’re available in different styles and sizes as well. You could also go for captive bead rings and clicker rings. 

As is always the case with cartilage piercings, there’s a higher risk of infection so you need to be religious with your aftercare and hygiene. Discuss aftercare tips with your piercer and always make sure you go to a professional because it will save you from a ton of risks

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