Lip piercings have become more and more popular over the years, especially with the amount of options you have, not only with jewelry but also with piercing location. A lip piercing can be a great choice if you are looking for a statement piece, as it can definitely be an eye-catching body modification. However, before going through with the procedure, it is important to be fully prepared for the piercing process and the healing and aftercare requirements needed to ensure infection and jewelry rejection does not become an issue. If you want to further educate yourself on lip piercings, keep reading!

The Process

The process of getting a lip piercing is no different than any other piercing. You come to your appointment well rested and pick out the jewelry you will keep in the piercing hole while it heals. The piercer will then mark the spot they plan to puncture and ask for your approval. Once you consent, the piercer will then proceed. 

Before even going into the shop or studio, you have to be aware of the different types of piercings available to choose from and make the decision of which you will be getting that day. Popular placements include the labret, which is the area below your lower lip, the philtrum, also known as a “Medusa,” located on your cupid’s bow, the Monroe, which is the area to the side of your upper lip or, you can opt for a simple lower lip piercing, which is the most common and the most popular. You can also opt to get a pair of piercings if you’re feeling brave enough! The options include Snake Bites (on either end of your lower lip,) Spider Bites (placed closely, side by side,) Angel Bites (on either end of your upper lip,) and Cyber Bites (placed vertically in the center of your upper and lower lips.) The various styles of jewelry available, as well as the number of options you get to choose from are what makes lip piercings so versatile yet deeply personalized! 


The way you look after your piercing will determine its longevity and success rate. Upon completing the process, your piercer will give you detailed instructions on how to best care for the healing site. Some of this advice will include: 

  1. Keep your hands clean and away from your face! Dirty, unwashed hands are full of bacteria and touching the wound can cause infection and jewelry rejection. Make sure to always wash and disinfect your hands before ever attempting to touch the piercing.
  1. Since healing a lip piercing includes cleaning both the inside and outside of the mouth, make sure to perform multiple salt soaks, to ensure a clean and sterilized site and swish your mouth with an oral sea salt rinse.
  1. Avoid any harsh chemicals and fragrances! This includes face masks, makeup, soap, alcohol mouthwashes and perfumed creams of any kind. This can cause skin irritation and a burning sensation to occur.

Overall, lip piercings are both a popular and relatively harmless procedure, if done correctly by a licensed professional and healed properly by you!

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