Nostril piercings are a very popular choice among both men and women. Nose piercings are also very often engrained in certain cultures and traditions and worn during momentous occasions, such as wedding ceremonies. With all of the versatility on the market today, picking beautiful jewelry that fits your unique style and personality has never been easier. Keep reading to learn about the process and aftercare of your new body modification!

The Process

The process of getting a nostril piercing is no different than any other cartilage piercing, with a similar pain level. Since your nose has a lot of blood vessels and nerves, it is normal to feel a small pinch and experience eye-watering. You may experience nerves before your appointment and during the process. This is totally understandable since a needle IS very close to your face. It is crucial to let your piercer know if you are feeling faint, dizzy, or nauseous, as your blood sugars may be low. Being scared to some degree is normal, but we promise that it’s not as bad as you think! The pain lasts a split second, as the hollow needle pierces your nose cartilage, and then it instantly subsides. Many customers have reported more pain during the insertion of the jewelry than the process itself!

The Healing

It takes approximately 4-6 months for your nose piercing to fully heal, allowing you to safely change out the jewelry. Before doing so, it would be in your best interest to contact your piercer and send pictures of the piercing site over text or email, to make sure it is safe to swap the piece out. Perform salt soaks 2-3 times per day, by filling a shot glass or small cup with a mixture of distilled water (1 cup) and non-iodized salt (1/4 tsp). Submerge the whole piercing, including part of your nose, into the solution, to disinfect it fully and thoroughly. 

Keloids (small bumps of scar tissue) can form around the piercing if you bump or twist your jewelry so make sure to keep your hands away from your face! When putting on clothes, be vigilant and ensure that your sweater or turtleneck doesn’t snag on the little stud, pulling the jewelry and causing trauma to the site. If your piercing falls out, don’t panic! Simply disinfect the jewelry and carefully insert back into the piercing hole. The walls of your nasal cavity tend to heal quickly so the chances of the site closing are high if jewelry is kept out for long periods of time, ESPECIALLY during the healing process. 

Keep your hands clean and disinfected at all times. At any sign of infection, contact your piercer for advice and be ready to visit your doctor. Infection may force you to have to remove the jewelry and allow the hole to heal. In worst case scenarios, it can lead to necrosis of the skin tissues, resulting in more serious complications. Make sure to be cautious and inspect the piercing daily. This will ensure optimal, long-term results!

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