Nipple piercings have gained quite a bit of popularity in recent times, especially among women, though they are a unisex and versatile piercing. Just the thought of putting a needle through such a sensitive and private part of your anatomy can be frightening to some and exhilarating for others. Regardless, it is vital to educate yourself on the process and the aftercare, before going through with the procedure. This will ensure that the piercing site will be very well taken care of and will heal beautifully and painlessly!

The Process

Piercing a hole through your nipple may sound like a scary and painful experience. However, many clients have expressed how little it actually hurt and how they psyched themselves up more than was necessary. The anxiety and anticipation beforehand are understandable but unwarranted, as piercing cartilage is oftentimes more painful than the nipples. 

To ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible, ALWAYS go to a certified piercer at a piercing studio or tattoo shop. Getting pierced in your friend’s garage or basement is a surefire way to get an infection, which is the last thing you want, especially when your nipples are concerned. Make sure to set up a consultation with your piercer if you feel that your anatomy may not be suited for this type of piercing, due to inverted or flat nipples. During your consultation, discuss what gauge size your nipples can support. It is usually recommended that piercing jewelry should be no smaller than 14g, to prevent migration and rejection. 

The Aftercare

The most recommended jewelry types for healing nipple piercings are surgical stainless steel or solid titanium. These options are both hypoallergenic and will be the least likely to cause an allergic reaction or rejection. 

When healing the site, wear loose fitted clothing. Tight shirts can constrict the piercings and can cause tearing if tugged at when removing clothing. Women should wear breathable cotton fabric whenever possible. Sports bras are also recommended over traditional bras since they are less likely to tug at or irritate the piercing site during the healing process. In general, it would benefit both men and women to wear some sort of breathable fabric at night, to prevent having the jewelry snag on your bed sheets or blankets. 

Salt soaks twice a day for a period of 3-5 minutes is the best option for cleaning and healing the fresh piercing. As soaking the nipple can be difficult and time consuming, you can purchase a saline nipple spray, which will be much more convenient. Simply spray the nipple piercing every few hours to keep the site clean, fresh, and hydrated throughout the day. 

Keeping up with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will supply you with the essential vitamins your body needs to heal and thrive. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, shower carefully but regularly to keep harmful bacteria at bay and refrain from touching the piercing site, especially with dirty hands!

Once healed, you can enjoy a large variety of beautiful jewelry in a number of metals and designs. The pain and meticulous aftercare will definitely be worth your while! 

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