The industrial piercing is one of the most common piercings! Even though it used to be associated specifically with punk styles, they’re a lot more mainstream today. In other words, the industrial piercing has lost its edge, and now it’s a pretty and unique addition to your ear. 

What Is an Industrial Piercing?

The industrial piercing is pretty cool because it’s two piercings in one. The straight barbell, which is known as the industrial barbell, will connect two separate ear piercings that are usually located in the helix and anti-helix. This is the classic industrial piercing, but there are variations where the industrial piercing will connect to cartilage piercings. 

Industrial Piercing Healing Time, Pain, and Aftermath

The industrial piercing takes from 2 to 3 months to heal because it’s a cartilage piercing. It could even take longer than that. As for aftercare, the practices can be a bit difficult because you’re getting two piercings in one. Not only that, but cartilage piercings also require more attention and care.

When it comes to pain, the industrial piercing doesn’t hurt more than any other type of cartilage piercing. So, it’s painful, but it’s manageable. Keep in mind this is two piercings in once, so you will feel a bit more tender and uncomfortable during the first few weeks of the healing process. 

Standard aftercare is always the norm. However, the industrial piercing requires a bit more attention, so make sure you discuss aftercare with your piercer. The biggest issue with this kind of piercing is the risk of the jewelry getting snagged or tangled, so you need to be careful. 

To avoid these risks, keep your hair away from your piercing; be careful when putting on clothes, accessories, etc.; don’t put pressure on it with headphones and be careful when you sleep; choose the right kind of jewelry for the first time. 

Go for an industrial barbell that’s big enough to allow for swelling. Choose high-quality metal so you avoid allergies or sensitivity, pick a straight barbell, hold off on charms until you’re healed because they add weight, and make sure the barbell is not too long for your ear. 

Jewelry for Industrial Piercing

The industrial piercing is quite versatile. You can get the straight barbell with the two piercings for the classic industrial look, or you can have a cartilage stud instead of the two piercings for a cartilage aesthetic. Some industrial barbells will have a stud in the middle as decoration and when it comes to studs, you can choose a ball backing or a flat disc back. In other words, you have options! 

The aesthetic of the industrial piercing will depend on the anatomy of your ear, and smaller ears may not be able to accommodate this kind of piercing. That’s something you need to consider. As for risks, there’s a risk of infection and aftercare is a lot more demanding. The healing time is quite long as well and cartilage is more susceptible to bumps or scarring. It’s a high-maintenance piercing!

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