Neo-traditional tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles today, and it’s easy to see why: they combine the bold styling of traditional American tattoos with the nuanced color and technique of the most advanced methods. 

Neo-traditional tattoos include many of the central elements of traditional American tattoos, such as clean black outlines and a bold overall style. The key differences are a larger color palette, expanding beyond the traditional primary colors. Neo-traditional tattoos also use techniques such as shading to add more depth and dimension. These artistic techniques add an element of realism and often create a feeling of rich texture.

The neo-traditional tattoo style starting developing in the 1980s, when American tattooing was experiencing a revival in popularity. The new style combines traditional tattooing’s Native American and military influences with the impact of Art Nouveau, art deco, and Japanese art. Neo-traditional tattoos were also a natural evolution of tattooing technology. The innovations in tattoo machines and vibrant inks made the bright and nuanced look of neo-traditional tattoos possible. 

Tattoo artists use the neo-traditional style to depict a vast range of subjects. But flowers, animals, and portraits are particularly popular. Most neo-traditional tattoos feature luxurious layers of decorations, such as pearls and beads, flowers, vines, and decorative lines. For many neo-traditional tattoos, more is more. 

A typical neo-traditional tattoo is large, perfect for placement on the upper arm, leg, or torso. Of course, some people also choose a smaller tattoo using neo-traditional elements. But for the most part, a neo-traditional tattoo is designed to be big, bold, and beautiful. With vibrant colors and layers of decoration, a neo-traditional tattoo stands out. 

Neo-traditional tattoos are popular worldwide, from California, to England, to Italy, to New Zealand. Each artist brings their personal twist to the style and subject matter of their tattoos, but images of animals and woman are particularly popular today. 

Because neo-traditional tattoos tend to feature a lot of detail and decoration, it is especially important to find a design that you love. The nuanced shading and small details will make all the difference in the tattoo’s look. So take your time to find a tattoo artist whose work you love and develop a design you’re truly excited about.

One reason that neo-traditional tattoos have remained popular for so long as that they are undeniably works of art. If you want the vibrant look of modern colors and the bold impact of a traditional tattoo, neo-traditional might be the perfect mix of tattoo elements for you.

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