Most Popular Flowers and Their Meaning

Floral tattoo style is one of the most common tattoo styles in the world. That’s because flowers each have their own unique symbolic meaning. Plus, they’re also beautiful and they can be adapted to virtually any tattoo style out there, including fine lining, traditional tattoo, and more. 

Flowers have held deep meaning for thousands of years, which is why they’re used in clothing, jewelry, accessories, and pretty much everything. It’s no surprised they’re used in tattoos for both men and women across different cultures and beliefs. 

If you’re thinking of getting your own floral tattoo, you might want to know which are the most common flowers and what their meaning is. These flowers are often featured in tattoos with other items, by themselves, or they all come together to form incredible bouquet designs. No matter what kind of tattoo you have in mind, I’m sure your favorite flower can be easily integrated to it!

1. Roses

Roses are probably the most popular and common flowers for floral tattoos. That’s because roses symbolize love, new beginnings, hope, and even balance. Plus, they’re very traditional and elegant. When you add elements such as a stem with thorns, the meaning is deepened with the addition of defense and loss. Plus, different colored roses mean different things. Red roses are a symbol of love, yellow roses a symbol of friendship, and so on. It’s up to you what your rose represents!

2. Peonies

Peonies are also very popular, especially in Japanese tattoo style. That’s because peonies are the “kings of flowers” in Japanese culture and they symbolize elegance and wealth. They’re most commonly red, but you can use any color you wish. 

3. Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are loved by many because there gorgeous things grow in the mud, so they have come to symbolize the rise from hardship or struggles in life. They also symbolize transformation, strength, and, of course, beauty. Depending on the color, lotus flowers take more specific meanings, so make sure you do your research before you decide!

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are gorgeous and quite unique. They symbolize longevity, loyalty, and adoration, which is why so many people choose it for their floral tattoo. Sunflowers provide energy which is nourishing and vibrant, much like the sun, which is why they’re so powerful to many. 

5. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are one of the most delicate and elegant flowers you’ll ever see. They symbolize appreciation for the ephemeral and empathy. This is because cherry blossoms are extremely delicate and they’re blown away from the trees by the slightest winds, which means they’re quite ephemeral. Many people get them tattooed as a reminder of our mortality as well. 

6. Iris

Irises have a rich history and they’ve come to symbolize hope, wisdom and faith, as well as admiration and courage. Much like roses and other flowers on this list, their meaning is made richer by the use of color. For example, purple or dark blue irises represent loyalty, while yellow irises represent passion. Do your research to make sure you choose a color that truly represents what you want!

7. Daffodils

Daffodils are very pretty and they symbolize new beginnings as well as rebirth. Daffodils are associated with new beginnings because they’re one of the first flowers to bloom after winter. For this same reason, they represent the coming of spring. They’re known for their vibrant yellow hues, but they also grow in shades of orange and also white. 

8. Orchids

Orchids are interesting flowers and they’re also very unique. Their meaning varies from culture to culture. For example, it’s a symbol of bravery for Japanese. A symbol of strength and power for the Aztec culture. For the Chinese, orchids mean fertility, refinement, and prosperity. It’s also worth noting that there are literally thousands of orchids out there in the world. So you can get as specific as you’d like with your design, just do your research!

9. Lilies

Lilies are quite international and they represent both beauty and strength in many cultures of the world. Many people find them too common, but they’re actually very elegant and they also symbolize purity, rebirth and royalty. 

10. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are gorgeous and they represent many different things in many cultures. For example, in the Hawaiian culture, hibiscus symbolize respect, power and loyalty. In Japan, they literally mean “gentle”. However, the meaning can change according to the context you decide to give your tattoo. So make sure to think it through. 

11. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are incredible and they hold a deep meaning. In Japan, for example, they’ve come to represent royalty as well as perfection, and even deity. They’re also a symbol for joy, happiness and longevity, so this might be the perfect addition to your floral tattoo. 

12. Magnolias

Magnolias have deep meanings attached to them, such as perseverance, love of nature, and even nobility. Their softness and subtlety do not eclipse their strength, and they also represent beauty, femininity, and they can serve as a symbol of empowerment.

13. Carnations

Carnations have a rich history and deep meanings in many different cultures and legends. They’re considered to be one of the oldest cultivated flowers in history, and their meaning varies depending on the color and the context you give to your floral tattoo. Carnations represent admiration and love in general, but make sure you do your research to choose the best color for your purposes!

14. Lavender

Lavender flowers are extremely elegant and they have a strength to them even in their subtlety. They represent grace, devotion and calmness, and its color is associated with luxury and royalty. Lavender is also rich in medicinal properties, which means it has become a symbol for health and the overcoming of an illness. 

As you can see, the floral tattoo style is quite rich! There are many different flowers to choose from and their symbolism and meaning is powerful. Combine the ones you like the most, and create a beautiful, strong tattoo design. 

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