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By signing this form I agree to have NYCTattooShop tattoo (or pierce) my body, and in consideration of doing so, I hereby release NYCTattooShop, its employees, and its agents from all manner of liabilities, claims, actions and demands in law or in equity, which I, or my heirs, have no or hereafter by reason of my complying with my request to be tattooed.I understand that I will be tattooed using appropriate instruments and techniques to ensure proper healing for my tattoo. I agree to follow the procedures outlined in the NYCTattooShop aftercare instructions until healing is complete. I understand that my tattoo takes 1 month or longer to fully heal. I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years old. I acknowledge that all the information above is correct to best of my knowledge and by signing: I confirm that the above is true.

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